The One Bun Rhyme Mnemonic

The One-Bun Rhyme Mnemonic is a simple technique for remembering up to ten items. The first step is to remember the following rhyme:

One is a Bun

Two is a Shoe

Three is a Tree

Four is a Door

Five is a Hive

Six is Sticks

Seven is Heaven

Eight is a Gate

Nine is Wine

Ten is a Hen

Now suppose you wanted to pick up the following ten items at the supermarket:


Potato Chips


Orange Juice






Snickers Bar


You could form the following images:

Picture Eggs in a Bun (an egg sandwich, perhaps?)

A Shoe filled with Potato Chips

Tomatoes falling from a Tree

Orange Juice flowing over a Door

Milk being poured over a Hive

Loaves of Bread on several Sticks

Angels eating Bananas in Heaven

Pies hanging on a Gate

Wine being poured over a head of Lettuce

A Hen snacking on a Snickers Bar

When you arrive at the Supermarket you simply need to recite the rhyme and recall the image for each rhyme in the mnemonic.

This simple technique exhibits the following requirements for a good mnemonic technique.

A plan for both generating and retrieving the cue words. The recoding of the items into more readily recalled images. This technique uses both hemispheres of the brain.



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