Shallow and Deep Cyberspace

With respect to cognitive growth, it is useful to make a distinction between shallow and deep cyberspace. A synonym for shallow in this context is popular.,, and similar social networking sites along with such popular portals as and This is not intended to denigrate or belittle these sites. The portals do a good job of keeping you up on current events. The social networking sites do provide a means of hooking up with old acquaintances and establishing new relationships. provides a means of readily sharing and finding videos of interest. There is a reason this websites are so popular. They are useful and they are fun. There is every reason to frequent them regularly. Potential problems for cognitive growth arise when they are visited predominately or exclusively.

Cognitive growth requires the visitation of deeper cyberspace where subjects are explored in greater depth. Examples include and Although these sites typically do not go to the greatest detail and depth, they do provide links to further resources that can lead you to become if not an expert, certainly more knowledgeable. Perhaps one of the best sites for leading you into deep or deeper cyberspace is This is a site developed by an amazing 90 plus years retired automotive engineer. It promises 10,000 links in cyberspace. Although I have not attempted to verify this claim, and I very much inclined to believe it. The news and libraries page provides a wide variety of links including links to the New Yorker, the London Times and Public Broadcasting. The Accident and Medical Info Page, includes links to handicapped aids and the National Institute of Health Library. It also includes links on brain plasticity, the Two Sides of the Brain, a link to a Neurosurgeon, Brain Facts, and a very good book on Brain Plasticity by Doidge. The Arts and Sciences Page includes links to both the arts and the sciences. The Special Subjects including Successful Aging, and Brain Games for the Elderly. There is also a link to TED, which offers ideas by great thinkers and Video Lectures on Subjects you select.

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