Transactive Memory: Both Human and Technical

Transactive memory refers to memories stored outside our individual biological memories. These are memories you can access either via fellow humans or via technology such as books, computers and the internet. An early blog posting, “Folksonomies”, wrote about the social bookmarking site, That posting focused on how provided a means of categorizing and organizing information you have found on the web with tags. In addition to categorizing and organizing your own information, you could both make your information available to others and to search the tags to find additional information on designated topics.

In addition to serving as a technical form of transactive memory, also has the functionality for developing and enhancing human transactive memory. This is done by forming networks on You form the network by inviting people to join. Moreover, in the process of using you will likely find new people with similar interests and ask them to join your network. So delicious is a “people aggregator.”

Delicious also provides subscriptions, so you can subscribe to tags of interest. So it is also a “tag aggregator.” However, in the process of receiving subscriptions and aggregating tags, you are likely to meet new people of similar interests. Hence people aggregation and tag aggregation are mutually supportive.

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