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Welcome to the Healthymemory Blog. As the name implies, one objective of this blog is to provide information to aid in keeping memory healthy. But we aspire to go beyond keeping memory healthy and pursue means of enhancing and growing memory. To this end, this blog pursues three themes: Human Memory: Theory and Data, Mnemonic Techniques, and Transactive Memory. You can locate the blog posts under each theme by clicking on their titles under Categories on the sidebar.

Human Memory: Theory and Data provides information on how memory works. Having a basic understanding of how memory works is important to maintaining a healthy memory. You might discover that the memory difficulties you are having are normal. Aging Baby Boomers might discover that memory lapses they attribute to aging are not due to aging at all. Here you will also find information on logical errors and biases as well as on health statistics and how to interpret them. You will see that logical errors and biases are the result of a certain type of processing. There are also limits to short term memory that can contribute to erroneous and biased processing. Other errors are due simply to not having the appropriate information in memory or having erroneous information in memory.

Mnemonic techniques are techniques for improving memory. Obviously they address the problem of memory failures directly, but they also have a secondary benefit. The secondary benefit is that they provide good exercises for memory. The call upon using your imagination and recoding information into a more memorable form. You can find a memory course in this category.

Transactive memory is a little known topic. It refers to memories stored outside your individual biological memory. There are two types of transactive memory: human and technical. You do not need to hold all information in your head. You can also get by with a little help from your loved ones and friends. Technical transactive memory includes all the information stored in all types of technology from note pads to books, to the internet. Technical aids can benefit memory recall, but the vast resources on the internet provide a splendid opportunity to cognitive and personal growth.

There is much to read on the Healthymemory Blog. Read what you need and what interests you. Please feel free to ask questions and make comments by clicking “leave a comment.”

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