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The Healthymemory Blog periodically revisits the website. There are two reasons for doing so. First of all, it is an outstanding website with access to many interesting resources. The second reason is the webmaster himself, Fletcher Platt Sr. Fletch is a retired automotive engineer in his nineties. He has remained active and engaged throughout his retirement. His website is but one example of this activity.

I encourage you to go, bookmark it, and spend some time exploring it. Although some topics should be of primary interest to the retired and the elderly, most should be of interest to many. Some are highly pragmatic, explaining how to get things done and how things work, while others are primarily of intellectual and artistic interest. There is much medical information as well as information on injury prevention. Fletch provides his own thoughts and ideas and invites his readers to engage in dialogue. One can look on the website as a vehicle for cognitive growth. Explore the website in both breadth and depth. You’re likely to become a regular visitor to some of the links, and the time you spend visiting the site and its links should lead to a healthy memory and cognitive growth.

Fletch has not simply gone on the defensive as he has grown older. He has been proactive and continued to grow personally and cognitively. Moreover, he has shared his growth via his website. This is a splendid example of transactive memory. Remember that transactive memory consists not only of all the information and knowledge store in technology, but also all the information and knowledge store in our fellow human beings. It is a vehicle for cognitive growth and enrichment. And Fletch and his website provide a splendid example. 

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