Google vs. Facebook Revisited

A number of blog posts back I expressed disappointment that Facebook had replaced Google in terms of usage. The stated grounds for my disappointment was that Facebook consisted primarily of superficial postings. True, they are enjoyable and fun, but little is learned and there is little cognitive growth. Although it is true that there are trivial searches on Google, a Google search is more likely for some useful point of knowledge. So, according to my line of reasoning, Google users were more likely to benefit from cognitive growth than were Facebook users.

In retrospect, I think that I might have been a bit unfair with my Facebook criticism, even though I did admit that many professional organizations are on Facebook. This blog post falls into the category of transactive memory. Now if you search for transactive memory on the Wikipedia (or you can search for it on Facebook that will link you to the Wikipedia) you will find that it is memory shared among a group. Actually the Healthymemory Blog is waging a rather lonely vigil by including the other meaning of transactive memory, namely, information that is found in all forms of technology (the internet, but also in conventional libraries). Although I do think that Google provides a more ready entry to transactive memory in the sense of technology, Facebook provides an entry to transactive memory in terms of memories shared with people.

I should also note that cognitive growth does not require delving into deep academic topics. For purposes of a healthy memory, information about sports and movies can form new memory circuits and reinvigorate old memory circuits in the brain. So the important point is to be cognitively active. In this respect Facebook can be quite helpful. It can serve as a resource for sharing information and collaborating with fellow human beings.

Personally, I provide a poor example. The Healthymemory Blog does have a Facebook posting, but I have done nothing with it, so it is rather sparse. I am interested in any experiences readers of this blog might have had in using Facebook in learning about topics of interest and in sharing information regarding those topics of interest. Please leave your comments. 

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One Response to “Google vs. Facebook Revisited”

  1. Joe Robinson Says:

    I too have established a Facebook page…about a year ago. I did it mainly as a communication center for my rather large family. But, as I go on Facebook I don’t find anything interesting or anything I really care about.
    I still think email is best when someone wants to communicate with me.

    Consequently, I rarely visit my Face book page or that of anyone else.
    Too time consuming for nothing but nothing.

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