My Problems with Facebook

I don’t like Facebook. I find it to be unwieldy and cluttered up with junk in which I have no interest. I assume there are means for tidying things up, but I don’t have the time or patience to learn them. There are two reasons I have a Facebook account. One is to have a means of providing additional exposure for this blog. The other reason is that I do not want to offend friends and old acquaintances. My facility with Facebook is such that there are times when I think I might have responded, but I am not sure, so I don’t know whether I am fulfilling my second objective.

In the early days, I responded positively to all friending requests. I didn’t want to offend anyone and I was especially afraid that I might offend an old acquaintance who had momentarily slipped my mind. However, there came a time when I realized that this is foolish. Why be a friend to someone I do not know and have no reason to know just so they can boast of the number of people they have friended. Tbere is a fairly limited number of people with whom one can be genuinely friends (See the Healthymemory Blog post, “How Many Friends are Too Many.”)

The vast majority of stuff on my page consists of items and people that are of no interest to me. Of course, the stuff from my real friends is there and I treasure it. It is just that I would rather correspond privately by email, but Facebook discourages one from doing this. I appreciate their convenience of being able to contact many people, so I continue to endure.

One of my pet peeves is Farmville. Notes on purchasing something or other for Farmville periodically appear. I am still working and don’t have time to deal with this. I have a hunch that most of these requests are coming from people who are retired. If retirement reduces one to playing the Farmville game, then you can count on me never retiring!

Feel free to tell me what a fuddy-duddy I am; what a poor sport I am; or to pity the poor people I am offending. What would be most appreciated are tips on how to clean up my Facebook Page!

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