Mindfulness is Growing Rapidly

As was reported in a column in The Economist.1 Google is offering an internal course titled “search inside yourself.” This has proved so popular that Google has created entry-level versions such as “neural self-hacking,” and “managing your energy.” They also have a labyrinth for walking meditation. Ebay has meditation rooms equipped with pillows and flowers. Rupert Murdoch is interested in transcendental meditation, which he says “everyone recommends.” Rayu Dalio of Bridgewater Associates says that meditation has had more impact on his success in the money-management business than anything else. Mindfulness is being introduced at Harvard Business School to develop leaders who are self-aware and self-compassionate. Arianna Huffington runs a mindfulness conference, a “GPS for the soul” app and a mindfulness corner of her Huffington Post.

The Duke University School of Medicine has conducted research that concludes that in the United States an hour of yoga a week reduces stress levels in employees by a third and cuts health-care costs by an average of $2,000 a year.

The Economist article notes that business success might be a tad at odds with the Buddhist ethic of non-attachment to material goods, but Buddhism, like most religions, has different sects to suit different tastes. Whereas Zen Buddhists are highly ascetic, there are other sects that are quite commercial selling fortunes and other items.

Just today I received a solicitation for a donation to the Prison Mindfulness Institute, which, as the name implies, works with prisoners. You can check this out at their website, www.PrisonMIndfulness.org.

Today, it is quite common to see areas devoted to physical exercise at businesses, government offices, and hotels. I believe that we shall soon be seeing mediation areas in these same places. Where space is limited we might even see them replacing the physical exercise areas.

You can find many posts about mindfulness and meditation, by placing mindfulness or meditation in the healthymemory blog search block.

1Schumpeter (2013). The mindfulness business, Nov 16th p.73.

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