A Much Needed App

The Metro Section of the April 20th Washington Post published an article written by Ashley Halsey III.   Titled “Curbing distracted teen drivers”  it was about an app that prevents its use while driving. These phones have sensors that detect motion and shut down when motion is detected. I found it interesting that the article only wrote about teen drivers, as if they were the only ones distracted by cell phone use.  Readers of the Healthymemory Blog should remember that there have been many blog posts about the dangers of cell use while driving.  Laws passed to reduce these dangers, the hands-free laws, are irrelevant because the hands are not the issue.  It is precious attention that is distracted that causes accidents.   Estimates have indicated that speaking on a cell phone while driving is comparable to driving over the legal limit for intoxication, 0.08 BAC in most states.  The degradation when texting is even worse. Realize that when you use a cell phone you are not just putting yourself and your passengers at risk. There are other drivers and pedestrians.   An automobile is a lethal weapon and can kill in addition to crippling and maiming.

I recently purchased a new dumb phone.  I was pleased to read a message on the back of the phone that warned about the dangers of its use while driving.   Some of the apps do more than just shut down when motion is detected.  They will also send messages to parents or employers.

I think there should be a law mandating that all cell phones have this app.  It would save a significant number of lives.  I, for one, would feel much safer.  People who regard this as an inconvenience should realize that we lived many years without these devices.


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