Combined Effects of Interventions and Preventative Actions

Combined Effects of Interventions and Preventative Actions is another chapter in Nurturing the Older Brain and Mind by Greenwood and Parasuraman.  Unfortunately, this is a very short chapter, and the reason that this is a short chapter is that very little research has been done on this topic.  This is unfortunate as the few studies that have been done suggest that there are real benefits from combined interventions.  “The general conclusion is that lifestyle factors have greater beneficial effects on cognitive aging when they are jointly experienced than when individually experienced.”   Research has found additive effects of diet, exercise, and cognitive training.  Given this, the obvious question is why additional research into these areas has not been done.  Perhaps the obvious answer is that such research is expensive.

Here I need to put on my editorial cap.    It seems to me that it would be in the interest of the retirement home community to conduct their own research on this topic.  They are the ones best situated to conduct such research.  They already provide a community setting, and there are laws requiring certain activities be offered.  I have seen the progression my mother made from independent living to assisted living, and I have vowed not to follow this same route.  There are ads out the wazoo from many retirement communities about the paradise and freedoms their communities  offer.  I have  seen only one advertisement  for a program  nurturing the aging brain and mind.  That advertisement was for Home Care Asistance,,  that offers a program for keeping the mind sharp base on a Cognitive Therapeutics Method,  Although I have no data on the effectiveness of this program, it at least offers a program.   I want to see more advertisements offering programs to keep me cognitively engaged so that I can continue to pursue a growth mindset.  Moreover, I would like to see promises of on-going research, so that I might not only benefit but would also be contributing to new approaches.

It would be in the interest of at least the higher end communities to conduct such research, to offer such programs, and to make such commitments.  Absent any compelling commitments regarding ongoing programs and future research, I would never consider setting foot in any of these communities.

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