A Disappointing Alma Mater

And that alma mater would be Ohio State University (OSU), where I earned a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Psychology. The education was superb. I was in their honors program and it was outstanding. My family was able to afford to send me because we lived in Columbus and I commuted to campus. There was no state income tax at this time. I had a friend who started OSU the same time that I did, but had to drop out because he could not afford it. Years later he completed his degree ,but he did so at a private university. He did this because he could afford the private university and he could still not afford OSU. This was the first indication that priorities were out of order. It is the duty of state school to provide affordable quality educations to residents of the state. Their costs certainly should not exceed those of private colleges. Although Ohio now does have a state income tax costs have continued to increase, making affordable educations less accessible.

When I learned that the main campus of OSU was going to enforce a two year residency requirement on student, I became furious.. Students must live in campus residence halls for their first two years of education. So now, in addition to enormous and unjustified tuition costs, residency costs are being added making higher education even less accessible.

This is occurring when some of the top colleges are making their courses available for free on line. This era of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) meets both the spirit and the needs of the time. Lifetime learning is increasingly becoming the norm. And it is likely that certification of knowledge and skills in different areas will supplant , to some extent, traditional college degrees.

Rather than developing its courses for the future, OSU appears to be going backwards. Residence halls will increasingly be needed for people who want to learn and grow in new areas and want the experience and convenience of campus living. These are the people the OSU should be adapting to serve, rather than adopting a policy that will make attending OSU difficult or impossible for its residents.

At bottom, the residents of Ohio failed in keeping affordable education at the top of their requirements. I no longer live in Ohio, but as an alumnus I have been a long time contributor. Those contributions have stopped and will not begin again unless OSU reorients to the future and makes its offerings more accessible and affordable.

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