Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence: How to Live with Uncertainty is the title of a book by Dylan Evans. This title should immediately grab you attention as we must live with uncertainty. Actually our cognitive processes lead us to believe that we live in a world with much more certainty than there actually is. The first chapter begins with a quote by Thomas Jefferson: “He who knows best, best knows how little he knows.” And there is also the human tendency to think we know more than we know. I’ve found that in continuing my education through the Ph.D plus decades of additional experience and learning that I know much less than I thought I knew when I graduated from high school! I’ve discovered vast new landscapes of ignorance.

Given the ubiquity of risk, we might well as is there such a thing as risk intelligence and can it be measured? Given the title of the book, you will probability not be surprised to learn that the answer to both questions is yes, Evans book contains a Risk Intelligence (RQ)Test or you can go online to projectionpoint.com. There are also expert RQ tests targeted for specific areas of expertise.

A fear I had when I first encountered RQ tests was whether they would result in debates and research on the issue of whether RQ is innate or learned. Fortunately, RQ can be developed through education and training. Perhaps a good first step would be to read the book. Moreover, it has the additional merits of being interesting and entertaining.

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