Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

The title of this blog post is the title of a book that I have found helpful and I think many healthymemory blog readers will also find helpful. Its authors are Noah J. Goldstein, a faculty member at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Steve J. Martin, the Managing Director of INFLUENCE AT WORK (UK), a consulting group, and Robert B Cialdini, a Regents Professor of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. Cialdini is also the author of Influence: Science and Practice. He is also the President of INFLUENCE AT WORK,

You might conclude that these books are for marketing and sales people. Although you would be correct, they are also good reads for us lay people. Like it or not, there are times when we want to persuade others. And there are many efforts daily made by others to persuade us. We need to know the techniques so that we can be aware of these attempts at persuasion and to have defense mechanisms to preclude us from responding to inadvisable attempts. Research on the effectiveness of different public service messages is presented. What is and is not effective is often counterintuitive.

According to Cialdini there are six universal principles of social influence: reciprocation, authority, commitment/consistency, scarcity, liking, and social proof. There are fifty brief chapters illustrating these principles including a persuasion tip from Benjamin Franklin. I strongly recommended Cialdini’s Influence: Science and Practice.However, Yes! Is an easier read that still includes technical references documenting the cited research.




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