The Value of Personal Time

The value of personal time is something that should not be overlooked.  I had been planning on continuing to work in lieu of retiring.  I knew that there was an inverse relationship between the age of retirement and the onset of dementia.  However, I did not find my work to be fulfilling.  On the contrary, it was aggravating.  As there was no financial need to continue working, I retired.

Since retiring my personal time has significantly increased and I’m finding that this personal time is not only enjoyable, but is also providing opportunities for personal growth.  As long as I grow cognitively, exercise, and eat a reasonable diet, there is no reason to think that my probability for dementia is increasing.  Indeed I believe that the probability of cognitive decline is not only decreasing, but it is also turning into a period of cognitive growth.

I encourage readers to value personal time.  Are you working unnecessarily?  Are you spending personal time so that it is enjoyable and is providing for personal growth?
Planning for retirement is something that should be done early in life.  Always save a portion of earnings and take advantage of plans offered by your employer to the maximum.  And never carry credit card debt.  Starting early is essential.  I get a kick out of commercials offering plans of investing for exorbitant retirements.  None of these plans can provide magic.  The most important point is to start early.  Believe me, age sneaks up on you faster than you can imagine.

Savings provide both security and control over you personal time.  Do not underestimate the value of personal time.

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