Keys to a Healthy Memory: Growth Mindsets and Mindfulness

The advice from the beginning of this blog has been to continually grow your mind as long as you live.  Even if the term growth mindset was not used, growth mindsets were what was implied.  What also became clear in Carol Dweck’s, Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success was that growth mindsets are key to effective interpersonal relationships, parenting, coaching, and business, virtually in every aspect of living.

MIndfulness provide a means of effectively dealing with life, better health, better interpersonal relations, and effective focus and control of attention.  Attention is key to learning, so it is also key to an effective growth mindset.  There have been many healthy memory posts on Mindfulness and you can anticipate many more in the future.

Similarly, you can anticipate many more posts on growth mindsets, but bear in mind that many previous posts have provided techniques and information for effective growth mindsets.

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One Response to “Keys to a Healthy Memory: Growth Mindsets and Mindfulness”

  1. russvane3 Says:

    It seems from this and other posts that growth or ‘opportunity-seeking’ mindsets are needed to perform the hard work of futuring. A number of business texts imply that goals are more easily realized when one is thoughtful about the contexts under which such goals might be realized. I assert that surprise of a possible negative situation might also become easier to discern.

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