The Benefits of Turning Right

Astute readers might well question what this post has to do with a healthy memory.  Having a blog offers one certain liberties for venting on certain topics.  One of my pet peeves is being stuck behind a driver making a left turn.  I wonder if the driver has actually though through his destination, and if there is not a better route turning right.

While reading “Why the Net Matters” I encountered a study done by UPS.  Having their riders take efficient routes saves money for the company, so they have done detailed studies and developed algorithms to guide their drivings into take the most efficient routes.

The finding that caught my eye is that in the case of left turns time is lost waiting for traffic to pass.  Not only time is lost, but fuel is wasted.  What the research found is that one left turn is as costly as three right turns.

I am not asking you to weight making right turns more heavily just to mitigate my personal aggravation, but to save time and fuel costs for yourself.

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