Interesting Split Brain Phenomena

Dr. Kaku reports the interesting Split Brain research Dr. Roger Perry of the California Institute of Technology did at the California Institute of Technology, for which Perry received the Nobel Prize in 1981.  Dr. Michael Gazzanigia has continued this research and produced some amazing and enlightening results.  Normally our two hemispheres communicate with each other continually on a regular basis.  However, sometimes the pathways between the two hemispheres need to be severed to eliminate certain debilitating conditions.  Under normal circumstances this operation does not produce abnormalities and individuals continue as they always have.  However, this is done because the information from each eye goes to both hemispheres.

Now there is a technique for presenting information to these individuals so that the information goes to separate hemispheres.  Under these circumstances neither hemisphere know what the other is thinking.  Many interesting results have been found.  For myself, the most amazing result was one split-brain patient who, when his left hemisphere was asked if he was a believer or not, said he was an atheist.  But when his right hemisphere was asked, he declared he was a believer.

We are all well aware of the many differences among ourselves, but it is surprising that there are differences of opinion within our brains.  Kaku writes, “it is conceivable that a person with a split-brain personality might be both a Republican and a Democrat at the same time.  If you ask him whom he will vote for, he will give you the candidate of the left brain, since the right brain cannot speak. But can you imagine the chaos in the voting booth when he has to pull the level with one hand.”


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