Some Additional Notes on Cure

That is the outstanding book by Jo Marchant, “Cure:  A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body.”  There is much in this book that I am not covering.  Meditation and the relaxation response have received extensive coverage in previous posts.  Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has received perhaps more attention in previous posts than is deserved.  The importance of he Vagus nerve and Vagal Tone was discussed in the healthy memory blog post “The Importance of the Vagus Nerve in Relieving Stress.”

Marchant devotes a chapter to Rethinking Pain.  Another chapter on the importance of talking and caring.  A chapter on thoughts that kill.  A chapter on the importance of friends. And a chapter on the role of religious beliefs.

In her concluding chapter, she writes how she was hoping to end the book.  She was hoping to write that a new paradigm had been opened in medicine and that the mind would have a significant role in health and healing.  She concluded, however, that such a conclusion was not justified.  One problem still to be overcome is that too many physicians are held captive by their Cartesian mindsets.  By that I mean that the body and the mind are separate entities that do not interact.  Marchant’s book provides ample proof that such is not the case.  Over time as physicians die, retire, and increasing information keeps coming in regarding the importance of the mind in health and healing.

However, a more serious problem is economic.  The money is in drugs.  The drug companies benefit financially, and physicians are offered treatments that are quick involving minimal personal time.   I am continually amazed when I hear or see advertisements for most drugs.  Fortunately, the law requires drug companies to list possible side effects.  My amazement comes from thinking that people would still take these drugs given the possible side effects.  In the end the result in the United States is that we are an overmedicated society with health statistics approximating those of a third world country.

My guess is that the possible revolution will turn into an evolution.  In the meantime, seek out physicians who take the mind into account in their treatments.  And if there is no treatment, ask for a placebo or purchase one on your own.

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