Cultures of GRIT

(6th Post on GRIT)

Pete Carroll is literally the poster boy for Mindfulness in that he’s been on the cover of Mindful magazine.  And the chapter, A Culture of GRIT begins with Pete Carroll.  So here is what Pete Carroll has to say about GRIT.

“I will tell you that we’re looking for great competitors.  That’s really where it starts.  And that’s the guys who really have grit.  The mindset that they’re always going to succeed, that they’ve got something to prove.  They’re resilient, they’re not going not going to let setbacks hold them back.  They not going to be deterred, you know by challenges and hurdles and things…It’s that attitude—we refer to it as grit”

HM’s initial response, is that whether GRIT is appropriate depends upon an organization.  A team, where people actually try out for the team is a good candidate.  And there are organizations like West Point, where the value of GRIT is quite evident.  However, GRIT is not appropriate  for all organizations and cultures.  And there are likely size constraints that are yet to be defined.  One can always look for GRIT when hiring, but there probably are other factors to consider as well.

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