How Healthy Memory Differs from the Post Modernists or Radical Constructivists

HM did not think this would be necessary, but if James Flynn  the author of “How to Improve Your Mind:  Twenty Keys to Unlock the Modern World,” thought this topic worthy  of the attention he gave it, then HM also needs to clarify his position so he will not be confused as a post modernist.  According to Flynn these folks believe that everyone constructs their own version of reality.  HM is still not sure whether these folks think that there is no external reality, or that this external reality is unknowable.  So please comment should you be informed on these topics.

HM has stressed that we do not have direct knowledge of the external world.  We build models of the real world on the basis of our experience.  This is essentially what science does, although science uses and develops defined methods for both developing and evaluating these models of the external world.   But HM and scientists certainly believe that a there is a real external world for which we are developing models.  HM further conjectures that due to limitations in  the nervous systems of homo sapiens we might be incapable of ever truly understanding this external world, although our approximations might get fairly close.

However, Prof. Flynn is not entirely dismissive of these Post Modernists or Radical Constructivists.  He writes the following in a section titled, “Even Muddled Minds can Teach us Something:”
“”If you are stuck with a post-modernist as a Ph.D supervisor, do not despair.  Once you reject his or her confusions, you may salvage something from what he or she says.  Sadly, when you write your dissertation you may have to preface the important stuff with some gibberish about texts, narratives, and so forth.  But remember, after you get your degree you can stop that and get on with what makes sense:  using science to understand the real world without any apology.”

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