Why Politicians Lie

A previous healthy memory blog post titled, “The Low-Information Electorate,” is based on a chapter titled “The Low Information Electorate” in a book titled “Head In the Cloud” by William Poundstone.  Poundstone effectively documented how little the electorate knows.  Other research has documented that voters do not vote in their own interests.  Scott Adams in his book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big” explains why politicians lie, which provides insights into how people vote.  The following paragraph is taken in its entirety from Adams’s book.

“When politicians tell lies, they know the press will call them out.  They also know it doesn’t matter.  Politicians understand that reason will never have much of a role in voting decisions.  A lie that makes a voter feel good is more effective than a hundred rational arguments.  That’s  even true when he voter knows the lie is a lie.  If you’re perplexed at how society can tolerate politicians who lie so blatantly, you’re thinking of people as rational beings.  That worldview is frustrating and limiting.  People who study hypnosis start to view humans as moist machines that are simply responding to inputs with programmed outputs.  No reasoning is involved beyond eliminating the most absurd options.  Your reasoning can prevent your from voting for a total imbecile, but it won’t stop you from supporting a half-wit with a great haircut.”

Should you wonder how democracies manage to function, read “The Low Information Electorate.”  However, do not expect an explanation that will provide an assurance that democracies will always work.

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