Ditch and Switch

This post is taken directly from the article titled, “Our Obsession with a ‘free’ internet led to Facebook data row, by Jacob Aron in the 7 April 2018 Issue of the New Scientist. This list offers privacy-respecting alternatives to online services:

Facebook’s data-slurping habits are legendary, with many users choosing to delete the app from their phone in the wake of recent revelations.

Diaspora decentralizes social networks by letting people set up their own servers to host content. Users retain ownership off their data and aren’t required to use their real name.

Google stores your entire search history and uses it to make website and video suggestions, profiles you and sell adverts.

Search engine DuckDuckGo doesn’t store any information. All users see the same search results, so they aren’t tailored to your particular interests.

Twitter uses the information it knows about you to sell ads—things like your age, gender or location.

Mastodon offers similar features to Twitter but is decentralized, meaning that anyone can set up a Mastodon server that is independently owned. Users on one server act as a single community, but can also communicate with people on other servers.

Ditch: GMAIL
Gmail use to make money by scanning your inbox for keywords, then showing you adverts based on your interests. Last year, Google announced it would no longer sell ads in this way—but emails are still scanned to power flight reminders, calendar updates and other Google features

Protonmail encrypts all of its users’ emails, meaning it has no access to your inbox. A basic account is free, while extra features like folders require a subscription. The service is so secure that Cambridge Analytic reportedly used it.

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