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It is important to maintain a distinction between religion and God. Typically, the two concepts are conflated. A previous healthy memory post, God & Homo Sapiens, drew from a book by Reza Azlan titled “God: A Human History.” This book provides an exhaustive review of evidence for religions from, at least, the earliest humans, through the development of the large religious organizations that exist today. Azlan makes a compelling argument that the belief in the soul as separate from the body is universal. Moreover, he argues that it is our first belief, far older than our belief in God, and that it is this belief in the soul that begat our belief in God.

It is reasonable to assume that there were humans who believed in God that predated religions. There are even data that support the notion that neanderthals had religious beliefs. It is likely that the earliest groups of humans had religious leaders. HM has wondered about the souls of people who existed before organized religions. What happens to them? HM is impressed that the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) has its members try to find their ancestors before the Church was founded so that they can be married and brought into the church in the temple. Unlike the tabernacle only Mormons can enter the temple.

Given that the size of our universe is still unknown as we are still waiting for light to reach us, it is likely that there are other species in this universe who are more intelligent than homo sapiens. It is unlikely that man has been made in God’s image. God is a spiritual entity of unknown form. Indeed, in pantheism God is omnipresent throughout the universe.

HM always wanted to believe in God, but he could never join a church because his thinking is governed by the law of Parsimony, and that law says to take the simplest explanation that explains the phenomena. What he disliked was that religions required one to believe. HM thinks that God gave us brains for thinking. not believing. It is men who tell us to believe so that they can govern us.

HM finds the Dalai Lama as the most impressive religious individual alive on earth. He is a Buddhist, but like other religions, there are different sects. The Buddhists who are attacking the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar living in Bangladesh are the antithesis of Buddhism. Although reincarnation is a central tenet in Buddhism, when asked if one needed to believe in reincarnation to be a Buddhist, the Dalai Lama answered “no.” All that was required is that one should love fellow humans and provide service to them. The Dalai Lama sends his priests to study science. He uses science to inform his religion. Unfortunately, too many religions are at war with science and fight science.

HM believes that we can communicate directly with God. During meditation there is a blissful state where one feels that he is in contact with his creator. So via meditation and contemplative prayer religions can be circumvented.

Understand that HM is not arguing against religions. If one has comfort in a religion that person should follow that religion, but not uncritically. Christians need to see if the preachings are in accordance with the gospels, rather than the old testament or parts of the new testament that are not gospels.

To learn more about meditation, begin with the relaxation response. You need to go to the main page of the healthy memory blog (by entering
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4 Responses to “God & Religion”

  1. quantumpreceptor Says:

    Great post! I love it especially “So via meditation and contemplative prayer religions can be circumvented.”
    This is the biggest reason organized religion fears meditation and the self responsibility one has to be a good person. When the individual has the ability to approach the divine without the need of the father or church we no longer need this big apparatus to be a good person.


  2. lanniewelleven Says:

    Strange matter this humanity found in philosophy and in the end in what is no more than esotherics. Once examined a Dictionary of Esotherics. Was able to arrest my examination upon finding the Capital A sign upsidedown defined as ‘Mental disorder.’ Needed no more than that, the rest appeared almost irrelevant. Can I just be a christian_ that is a pupil of Yeshua, Please.

  3. lanniewelleven Says:

    Note, as to the last paragraph: Only the uninformed, indeed the uneducated or the propagandist desires to see Jesus Yeshua as somehow ‘standing on his own.’ What He did was rather more to the point. Don’t confuse philosophical reasonings with anything like truthful living before GOD. True religion.

  4. lanniewelleven Says:

    Can I please quote this, i.e. ‘your posting and my contribution here in full’ together with reference to earlier postings amongst which: _Un messager bien formé [dans les choses de Dieu] est une bénédiction pour tous autour de lui, Mais quelqun pas ainsi est et reste lui-même sous ‘le malheur’ 
    _c.à.d.: incapable de d’aider les autres, encore moins lui-même.

    Go to http://www.kingdomfaith.com    faithcamp  news
    Het Goede Nieuws
    teaching sharing, receiving  °  this is the Day of the towers
    Proverbs 13:17 reminds us in no unclear terms that
    _A messenger well prepared (having received his or her teaching from God, having been God trained) is a blessing to all around him, (Genesis 12), But, indeed one not so prepared is no source of blessing to others nor to him-or herself, But he is ‘under a cloud;’ the origin of which expression can be found here: 

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