Happy Thanksgiving 2019

This is the day to be truly thankful for our memory. As readers of this blog should know, our memory is our vehicle for time travel. It stores information as a result of what is experienced. Then it takes this knowledge and projects it into the future for planning and deciding how to respond to various events. It is the source of our creativity. It is also the place where our emotions are found along with our relations to our fellow human beings.

This is why it is important to use and treat our memories properly. We need to adopt growth mindsets where we continue to learn throughout our lifetimes. This provides not only for a fulfilling and rewarding life, but it also decreases the risks of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Meditation is also important for learning how to control and use our precious attention. Our effective use of attention is critical for cognitive growth. Mindfulness is important for effective relationships with our fellow human beings.

All these topics are continuing themes in the healthymemory blog along with articles on important topics on which we need to be informed.

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