Prestigious Universities

Given the news on prestigious universities and on the rich providing bribes to get their children into prestigious universities, HM feels obliged to relate his experience as an employer and manager of students from prestigious universities. Graduates from prestigious universities did not perform better than graduates from public universities. In rare incidents, some graduates might act as if they were a gift and that we were lucky to get them. These incidents were rare. Although attending a prestigious university might be helpful in providing useful connections, they do not provide better educations.

What is especially bothersome is that one cannot even count on basic skills from graduates of prestigious universities. HM has had experience with such graduates, from graduate programs even, who could not write adequately.

Moreover, the requirements prestigious universities apparently desire might preclude their acceptance of certain exceptional students. When students are prepping for entrance tests, participating in sports and social activities, they might be taking time better spent in developing their skills in actual educational pursuits. Consider a student absorbed in a science project. Of course, if that project wins an award that would be helpful. But what if the student just has strong interests in an academic subject? Do these universities actually request papers and work documenting their knowledge and accomplishments? Or is it easier to check for test scores and lists of activities?

Then also, there are the exorbitant costs of education. There needs to be public education available at affordable prices. But too few realize that they can get an entire college education online.

Go to the healthy memory blog post “Mindshift Resources.” Unfortunately, usually fees are involved in actually getting a degree. Go to to learn how to get an MBA-level business education at a fraction of the course. Laura Pickard explains how to get an MBA for less than1/100th the cost of a traditional MBA.

Quite frankly, HM would value an autodidact higher than a graduate of any prestigious or conventional university. This would indicate a genuine love of the subject and the initiative to pursue that love with passion.

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