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Brain Training

March 13, 2010

Those of you who have been reading this blog might have come to the conclusion that I do not advocate games that purport to provide braining training. If so, that conclusion is wrong. What I am warning against is thinking that solely practicing a particular brain exercise guarantees a healthy memory. Both the brain and memory are extremely complicated and multi-faceted. A wide range of experience and exercises is required to keep them healthy. In this blog much emphasis has been placed on using transactive memory, the internet, to increase knowledge and to grow in wisdom and stature. Using online games to develop and enhance specific cognitive skills can be quite helpful. Games with increasing levels of difficulty that are timed can foster quicker thinking. Research has indicated that with practice older people can improve their mental speed by more than 50%.1

Myfitbrain,, offers games to develop specific cognitive facilities. They are Memory, Numeric, Reflex, Logic, Visual, and Auditory. You establish an account and a profile. You have a level for each category and you advance through the levels as your performance improves.

I have just started my account. One of the best parts of myfitbrain is that this is all free. I would encourage others to try myfitbrain. Once you have done so, comments on myfitbrain would be welcome. Just click the “Leave a comment” link and enter your comments in the box provided.

1Doraiswamy, P.M. (2010). Boost Your Brain Health. March/April AARP. p. 48.

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