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Best Way to Think About Memory

August 1, 2019

This is the second in a new series of posts on Healthy Memory. The best way to think about memory is as a corporate building and the corporation is you. At the top level are the executive offices where your consciousness resides. On the lower floors are offices holding your experience, your knowledge, your thinking, and performance capabilities.

Just as in a corporation you are unaware of the vast majority of activities occurring on the lower floors. But it is on these lower floors where most of the activity of memory occurs. If you run this corporation carefully, your conscious mind instructs these lower levels as to what you want and how to prioritize these activities. Sometimes the feedback from these lower floors comes quickly, but at other times it is greatly delayed.
The actual working at these levels is below the level of consciousness until the product pops into consciousness. Then depending on the nature of the product you accept it or provide further instructions to the lower floors to keep on working and try to nudge the work in additional directions.

In your executive office only a small amount of information can be conscious. The vast amount of cognition occurs below the level of consciousness. Work continues to occur there, even when you are sleeping. Part of the advice provided by the healthy memory blog is how to best communicate to these lower levels so that they can best serve you.

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