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Mindfulness Needs to Be Taught in the Public Schools

August 28, 2016

And at least by the fourth grade according an article in the Washington Post that was reviewed in the healthy memory blog post, “A New School of Thoughtfulness.”  The article notes that the idea of getting squirmy kids to sit still or angst-ridden teens to meditate might seem far fetched, but it works.  It finds that kids often to take to it, readily turning the practice as a way to self-soothe, and they take these techniques home with them.

One fourth grade student said, “When I’m mad and get into a fight with my brother or anyone in the family, I go up to my room, and I start breathing and doing mindfulness. It calms me down a little so things get back to normal.”

A classmate says that when she has trouble sleeping, she’ll count her breaths and listen to the ticking of her watch to relax.

It appears that mindfulness is being learned by the parents from their children, which they are finding is improving them as parents.

Another student said, “I thought it was totally weird at first., then I realized that it totally helped…with everything in my life.”  The “everything in my life” quote is especially important.  Mindfulness will not only benefit their behavior, but should also benefit their schoolwork.  Usually the failure to learn is due to a failure to attend.  These students are learning how to focus their attention on what hey need to learn.

Yet another student was playing volleyball and getting angry at her losing team.  She said that she was about to yell at them them for not doing the right thing, but then she recalibrated, did not yell, and made positive suggestions.  Mindfulness is teaching them to consider the situation from perspectives different from their own.  This will increase the effectiveness of group and team work.  It should also significantly decrease the incidence or arguments and fights.  Many of the problems stem from a lack of discipline and mindfulness is a positive strategy that increase discipline.

HM does not know how widely spread mindfulness is in the public schools.  But it needs to be spread universally in all schools.  Mindfulness provides the key to successful learning and living.

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