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The GRIT Scale

July 5, 2016

(2nd Post on GRIT)

The GRIT scale consists of  the following ten items:

1.New ideas and projects sometimes distract from me.
2. Setbacks don’t discourage me.  I don’t give up easily.
3.  I often set a goal but later choose to pursue a different one.
4. I am a hard worker.
5, I have difficulty maintaining my focus on projects that take more than a few months to complete.
6. I finish whatever I begin.
7. My interests change from year to year.
8. I am diligent.  I never give up.
9. I have been obsessed with a certain idea or project for a short time but later lost interest.
10. I have overcome setbacks to conquer an important challenge.

The rating scale runs
Not all like me        5 on odd items    1 on even items

Not much like me        4 on odd items    2 on even items

Somewhat like me        3 on all items

Mostly like me        2 on odd items    4 on even items

Very much like me        1 on odd items    1 on even items

Just ask yourself how you compare—not just to your coworkers, friends, or family—but to most people.

The GRIT scale is calculated by adding up all the points and dividing by 10.
The scale has two components:  passion and perseverance.
For the passion score, add up the points for the odd-numbed items and divide by 5.
For the perseverance score, add up the points for the even numbered items and divide by 5

Here is the percentile break out by GRIT score

Percentile    GRIT Score
10%        2.2
20%        3.0
30%        3.3
40%        3.5
50%        3.8
60%        3.9
70%        4.1
80%        4.3
90%        4.5
95%        4.7
99%        4.9

Dr. Duckworth provides her GRIT score at 4.6.  Her perseverance score was 5.0 and her passion score was only 4.2.  She writes that it is a consistent pattern that perseverance is rated higher then passion.  A later healthy memory blog post will lament the paucity of passion.  HM believes that it is lower than scales indicate.  I would like to see follow up questions on passion added to the questionnaire.

Even though HM is basing many posts on Dr. Duckworth’s book, there is no way that this blog can do the book justice.  So HM’s strong recommendation is to read this book.