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How to Develop a Healthy Memory

December 22, 2015

I get the sense that many who read the healthy memory blog are disappointed that advice is not provided on exactly what to do for a healthy memory.   If a vaccine to either prevent or cure Alzheimer’s and dementia is not in the offing, what specifically should they do.  Is there a diet that will save them?  Will physical exercise suffice, and if so, how much?  What online games do they need to play or what specific cognitive exercises need to be done and for how long?

Hints to some of these question can be found, but no definitive answers.  The reason that no definitive answers can be found is that there are no definitive answers.  The two big themes of this blog are to develop growth mindsets and to practice meditation.  Although diet and physical exercise do play a role, growth mindsets and meditation are key in my view.  The healthy memory blog presents many ideas as to how to pursue growth mindsets and meditation, as well as posts that are provided to help one think about different ideas.

No guarantees can be provided that dementia cannot be prevented.  But I strongly believe that not only reading, but pursuing some of the ideas in the healthy memory blog will greatly reduce one’s risks.  They also provide some guidance on leading a more satisfactory life.  Accordingly, the healthy memory blog should be of interest to people of all ages.

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